A Fort for Girls and a Glitter Drawing

Day 5 of AEDM! The kids are back home!  Little Brother is rediscovering the house while Big Sis Norah is talking non stop about all the adventures she lived at Granny’s 🙂  Luckily we both found some time to create!

This year we’re making an effort to handmake our presents for Christmas.  Since this summer we’re having a Family Meeting every Sunday to brainstorm about what we can do to bring less clutter and more meaning to our lives and our planet.  This means decluttering the house, consuming no more than is necessary (can we make it ourselves instead? can we borrow it? do we really need this stuff?) and the classical efforts to reduce our ecological footprint (use less water and electricity, buy organic food, grow some of our own vegetables, etc).  Turns out life is even more fun this way!

Norah is the greatest ecological advocate in the house and came up with the idea of handmaking all our Christmas presents, quite the challenge!!  So today I started thinking and researching and I came up with this awesome idea for our two little nieces: A Fortmaking Kit for Girls!  I dug up some nice colorful sheets that we won’t be using again because the dryer shrunk them and now the duvet no longer fits 🙂  I cut and sewed two large parts, inserting these cute labels handmade labels:


The idea is to make 4 pieces of fabric, 1 for each side of the table, and then sew loops on every corner so the girls can easily attach them at the table legs.  From the matching pillowcase, I’ll make a carrier bag to put in all the pieces plus some fun Fort stuff like candy, flashlights and soft blankets.

Norah will be joining me later for some of the smaller stuff but today she was too busy having fun with the Magical Scratch Pad my mother got her.  It’s awesome to see her drawings in glitter version 🙂  The first one is a very clear statement…


I love the movement of the horse and the way she looks at you.


A princess, a duuuude, a cutiepie dog and an adorable little pony full of zest for life 🙂

That will be it for today, folks, happy creating and see you tomorrow!!


2 gedachtes over “A Fort for Girls and a Glitter Drawing

  1. Bleubeard and Elizabeth zegt:

    What a fantastic idea for a fort. I love it. I also try to make all my gifts, but this year I seem to be a bit slow. If I had or knew small children, that would be something I might try. Recycling that duvet sheet was a perfect way to keep it from ending up in the recycle bin or going to the thrift shop. I love it and the tags, too.

    Still LOVING Norah and her horses. All that glitter was so fun to see and I suspect fun for her, too.


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